A Powerful Music Tracker in Your Browser, Completely Free

Party like it’s 1991 – your browser’s invited. A full-blown music production tool has been directly ported from the desktop to the browser using Flash, modeled with a tracker-style interface for fast, precise music editing. (In fact, a tracker, thanks to speedy entry from a QWERTY keyboard, seems to me an ideal interface for browser […]

GrandVJ Update Goodies: Quartz Composer, APC40, TripleHead2Go, PC Fullscreen

GrandVJ, ArKaos’ Mac/Windows, ground-up new software (replacing the legacy ArKaos product) may have had minimalist beginnings. But recent builds have added some really powerful features. Most importantly, there’s more elaborate two-way controller support. There’s a preset for the Akai APC40, but other hardware – like Livid’s Ohm64 and recently-announced Block, the classic monome, and the […]

Peter Kirn - October 20, 2009

Video Tutorial: Make Audio-Reactive Graphics with Flash, GrandVJ

Motion graphics / Web designer by day, VJ by night? Flash artist, looking for some way to put those coding skills into something that you can actually use in a live set? Or just trying to find a way to escape all those endlessly-looping videos to do something more connected with the music? The possibilities […]

Peter Kirn - September 11, 2009

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