FL Studio Superguide: 9 Review, New 9.1 Freebies, and How to Get Started

Fruity loops. Photograph (CC-BY) Sherman Tan. Like well-stocked studios of hardware, software has become personal, idiosyncratic, and stuffed with functionality. Computer producers are passionate as always about what works. And that has made FL Studio a kind of subculture all its own. Image-Line has a unique way of encouraging loyalty: while the company still peddles […]

Indamixx + Renoise + CDM Music Production Contest: Tracker Ninjas, Now’s Your Chance

At work in Renoise. Photo (CC) Federico Reiven [blog]. If you’re ready to show your skills creating digital music, we want your work. UPDATED! New contest entry page, new deadline (10/25): http://www.renoise.com/competitions/indamixx/ Plus tips, tracks, and more to give you additional inspiration: More with Less:”Efficient” Renoise Music Tracks and Tips Renoise, the "bottom-up" music production […]

Peter Kirn - September 22, 2009

Record Beta: We’ve Got Invites, Thoughts from a Superfan

Given the passion of the debate, it’s easy to forget that Propellerheads’ Record has been firing up discussion from many people who haven’t actually seen it. Record is to audio recording, mixing, and mastering what Reason is to synthesized sound, and for Reason lovers, it finally delivers that holy grail – multiple racks. Record is […]

Peter Kirn - July 27, 2009

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