MIDI has a slick new brand identity, courtesy Pentagram, in time for 2.0

“MIDI” the word has become almost part of culture at large. But with MIDI 2.0 arriving, the MIDI Association decided it needs a new look – and sound.

In a World of Sonic Toys, Sound Design Craft Comes Alive: Simon Pyke Short Film

As pundits lament the loss of the album or conventional musical roles, it might be easy to miss a barely-hidden revolution in the craft of sound. Pieced together from the simplest of found acoustic instruments and strange electrified sonic organisms, fashioned with the most sophisticated of digital tools and computer music production machines, artists open […]

Peter Kirn - February 24, 2012

Generative Human Imagery: From a Branding Project to an Elegant, Custom Tool

What began as a simple branding project for a pharmaceutical company evolved into beautiful, generative imagery, produced by a custom tool. Built with Processing (and the controlP5 library), the Actelion Imagery Wizard takes parameterized drawing to explode and reintegrate particle-driven illustrations of DNA, and faces, in what the designers call, neatly, “digital molecules.” The project […]

Peter Kirn - August 17, 2011

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