New on Vixid@CDM: VJX Setup for Newbies, Multi-projector Camera Spanning for Gurus

I’ve posted my first two videos for the Vixid@CDM Minisite. These cover both the ridiculously basic – how to get started with the VJX – and the reasonably advanced – using cameras, midi and Ableton Live to create a seamless-scrolling effect across two projectors: Vixid 101 – The Basics: Inputs, Outputs, Routing, Blend Modes, Compositing […]

Typographic AV: Inspiration from Beeple

Delving into Audiovisual performance, it’s easy to get overwhelming. Mashing up commercials, music videos, sampled footage and more can quickly lead to eyeball meltdown. Here, then – Mike Winkelmann (as Beeple) takes simple and distinct typographic elements, synced to a minimal lo-fi tech soundtrack to create AV that is masterfully compelling and straightforward. Beeple – […]

Momo The Monster - March 11, 2008

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