Micro microKORG: Cute Korg Promo Makes Synth Into Tiny USB Stick

Aw, kawaii! Wait… sorry, poor choice of words. Aw, how… uh… Korg! Yes, in case they hadn’t given us enough reason for adoration lately, the folks at Korg are now giving away cute little USB stick versions of the microKORG if you purchase a microKORG or microKORG XL+. And if that’s not quite your budget, […]

An Adorable Singing Note as Musical Instrument: Maywa Denki’s Otamatone

What’s the cutest conceivable musical instrument? It’d be tough to top an anthromorphic musical note, complete with eight-note flag, whose smiling face opens when it “sings.” Boing Boing Gadgets (by way of Tokyo Mango) gets the story on this latest creation of art group Maywa Denki and lead creative instigator Novmichi Tosa. The Otamatone is […]

Peter Kirn - September 10, 2009

Art of Sound: Fascinating DIY Music Creations; Enter and Win Custom Speakers

Make stuff, win stuff: Create your own sound project, like the Simple Sequencer, and you can win an appropriately handmade project like the custom speakers at bottom. The art of music is as expressive an art as you can find, so why shouldn’t the objects we use to make music be equally personal and creative? […]

- June 17, 2009

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