fluXpad is an insanely immediate music drawing tool for iPad

Make an interface simpler, and you might push your musical expression further. That’s the realization you have using fluXpad, a new drawing app. It’s not that it’s a dumbed-down rendition of other tools. It’s that doodling with sounds is a totally different experience than the point-and-click fine editing you might be used to.

Robots, Mimicking Bees, Cover a Room in a Drawn, Unbroken Line

MIND OUT : PROJECT LONGARM from e on Vimeo. The idea of technology being apart from nature may be entirely backwards. Patterns and logic in code spring from the organic engine of human brains, and can be at their most effective when they mirror the natural world. And so it is that you can cover […]

Peter Kirn - January 14, 2013

Light + Shadow Meet Drawing in Sougwen's Chiaroscuro; Music Meets Design with Ghostly [Videos]

Chiaroscuro (Étude Op. 3, No.3) from sougwen on Vimeo. For artists whose skills lie in drawing, motion can be elusive – the forms on paper, when working with traditional media, stay frozen. But artist Sougwen Chung, a regular subject on this site, uses projection and installation to suggest a work that takes on new life […]

Peter Kirn - October 5, 2012

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