A Buchla synth repair turned into an LSD trip, and made the evening news

It seems the legends are true – there really was LSD added to vintage synths. A Bay Area, California Buchla 100 reportedly triggered an acid trip decades later. Allegedly, anyway.

Here’s what you should read about the closing of London’s fabric

You’ve probably already been inundated in social media with this news — London’s nightclub fabric saw its license revoked overnight last night. But there’s more to this story than simply another casualty of urban nightlife. With so much ink being spilt on this issue (uh, pixels being killed?), there are a few points to highlight.

Peter Kirn - September 7, 2016

Tron Redux, Indeed: Cheech and Chong Star in Economics-Inspired Psychedelic Remake

I was trying to work out exactly how to write that headline. There’s really no way to make it sound right. Cheech and Chong – yes, THE Cheech and Chong – star in a remake short of Tron. It starts with an extended dialog about the current economic meltdown, but suddenly there are light cycles. […]

Peter Kirn - July 17, 2009

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