Elsewhere: Korg ZERO8 Mixer Video Review

Adam Dworak aka DJ Destruction writes to let us know he’s finished a video review of the ZERO8: Via the DJ Destruction blog. About halfway through, he gets to some hands-on demos with the internal effects and controllers, which demonstrates some of what makes the ZERO8 unique. Thanks for sharing this one, Adam! Adam’s rig […]

Ecler Releases EVO4 DJ MIDI + Mixer Image

There’s been quite some interest — and discussion of the relative merits of high-end mixers — in the boutique DJ mixer Ecler EVO4. It’s a more svelte rendition of the EVO5, and also doubles as a hybrid MIDI control surface. There’s still no word on pricing, but if it comes anywhere close to a US$1000 […]

Peter Kirn - March 5, 2008

MIDI + Mixing: Ecler EVO4 DJ Mixer Specs, EVO5 Update

So, you’ve got a mixer, which is a box covered in faders and knobs that processes audio signal. And you’ve got a MIDI control surface, which is often a box covered in faders and knobs that looks a mixer, but doesn’t process audio signal. Why not combine them into one device? That’s the approach taken […]

Peter Kirn - February 27, 2008

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