Australia is using sound to monitor its wildlife and ecosystem

Listen to the Earth – no, literally. Australia has a world’s-first project to map the voice of its wildlife, which will make a “galaxy of sounds” that can be heard like the ecosystem’s heartbeat.

Techno to terraforming: this ex-Berlin collective is planting 27,027 trees in Portugal

Could techno makers wind up shifting to rural landscapes from the usual urban ones? One collective imagines “terraforming … a sustainable green oasis.”

Peter Kirn - October 17, 2019

FieldScaper 2.0 brings a host of new features for experimenting with your field recordings

The latest version of experimental field recording app FieldScaper brings a host of new features including a step sequencer per oscillator and parametric equalisation for each oscillator as well. Version 2.0 is really going to expand the possibilities for warping your audio

Ashley Elsdon - July 17, 2018

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