How to make Transformers and Generators for Ableton Live 12 (ES)

Even with the feature still evolving in Ableton Live 12, there’s already a tutorial on creating your own Transformers and Generators for unique ways of making and altering patterns. This time, it’s in Spanish – because the first certified trainer from Latin America is also first out with a video. Here’s Joaquín Jiménez-Sauma with the scoop.

Gustavo’s Live Tutorial, Now en Español, Condensed to 60 Seconds

If you thought Gustavo’s tutorial on unlinked envelopes in Ableton Live was faster before, watch in 60 seconds! (It’s a teaser video, but maybe if you don’t blink and watch it a few times, you’ll learn subliminally.) If you or anyone you know speaks Spanish as a native language and you’d prefer not to have […]

Peter Kirn - September 14, 2009

Democratizing Creative Tech: Julià Carboneras, OFFF (English + Espanol)

Gijs Gieskes setting up, as I look on (bottom left). Photo courtesy OFFF Festival. What does it mean to truly democratize technology? When is DIY more than just the creation of an object? That’s the question asked by our friend Julià Carboneras, who curated the new Nerdeferences feature of the OFFF digital design conference in […]

- May 14, 2009

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