Inside a note: explore minimalism with Björk home studio visits

“It’s very brave to look complex things in the eye and say, calm down.” Some Björk TV clips from the 90s explore minimalism, immediacy, tiny handheld instruments, and the work of the late Mika Vainio.

Free download: A 400-page guide to experimental Eastern Europe sounds

If experimental music and Europe make you think only of cities like Paris and London, you’re missing a big part of the story. Now you can grab a huge reference on fringe and weird electronic music from the east – and it’s free. (At least that would please Marx.)

Peter Kirn - January 29, 2019

Miami Vice, by King Deluxe, An Acid-Neon Palmtree Vacation; Lullaby for Nameless Creatures

It’s late Friday here, which is roughly the point that I want to watch neon-colored animations of palm trees and Miami Vice-style vector animation. You? Canadian-based, international art collective King Deluxe is full of musical video wonders; this one is by French animator Alexandre Louvenaz, to music from an upcoming Fancy Mike album entitled Mary […]

Peter Kirn - October 12, 2012

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