Network Awesome Electronic Music Week: Way More Electronic Music Videos Than You Can Handle

Quit your job, leave your loved ones, stock up on food, and get ready to destroy your life with videos from YouTube. Network Awesome, a kind of curatorial “TV” network full of free online videos, has been assembling the best documentaries dealing with electronic music online, with hours and hours and hours of things that […]

New Teasers: Urs Heckmann Modular Soft Synth, and the Fairlight CMI Returns

In some of the news I’ve missed in the last couple of days are some unusual announcements. Urs Heckmann can be fairly considered one of the great soft synth designers, with accomplishments like Zebra. His latest, Bazille, like many recent soft synths, is a hybrid: FM synthesis plus phase distortion plus the obligatory subtractive synthesis. […]

Peter Kirn - August 7, 2009

VJs on Facebook: An App, An AU Group

Facebook is becoming a nice little hang for visualists – I’ve actually sorted a gig or two on the service. Now, “give a gift” apps are a meme unto themselves, but you certainly haven’t seen one like this. Zac Darko writes: I recently made the worlds first (maybe) VJ app on Facebook, thought you’d think […]

Peter Kirn - January 26, 2009

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