Combining Gloves with Kinect, Gestural 3D Modeling Shows Promise

We live in three-dimensional worlds, and physically we can move easily through 3D space. But mapping our intuitive sense of space, movement, and position to the computer is a massive challenge. Our interfaces are primarily two-dimensional, and even the three-dimensional interfaces may lack the kind of sense of space that comes naturally to a child. […]

Le Pixophone: Pinhole Photos Made into Visual Performance, Built with Free Software Pd

Pinhole photos date back to the genesis of photography, but artist Pierre-Olivier Boulant is re-imagining them as digital media. Working with custom, hand-built control hardware and software patched in the free visual development environment Pure Data (Pd), he composes live performances from the photos, working with musicians to create a live soundscape. A chemical engineer […]

Peter Kirn - August 10, 2010

We are Hacks: Live Visual Lineup for the HOPE Hacker Conference, NYC Friday

Joshue Ott/superDraw +Ezekiel Honig live at monkeytown from superdraw on Vimeo. I’m very excited about the music lineup we have planned for this Friday in New York at the CDM-curated evening of live audio and visuals – but the visual lineup should be a big draw, too. If you’re in New York, come say hi […]

Peter Kirn - July 12, 2008

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