Fork this Chant: GitHub Goes Gregorian, with Open Source Notation

Before there was computer code, there was music notation. And before there was forking code or remixing music, there were centuries of variations to the musical code, stored in notation. So it’s fitting that musicians would begin to use GitHub – built originally as a repository for programmers – to store notation. And that means […]

Ethereal Dialpad Touch App, Development Experience on Android and Beyond

Google’s Android has been a relatively slow starter for mobile music software, but a gem like Adam Smith’s free Ethereal Dialpad proves it’s a viable option, and the app is an inspiring musical toy, to boot. Perhaps more important than that, behind the scenes, Adam is employing a really beautifully audio engine of his own […]

- May 5, 2010

Version Control and Sharing for Patching: Keep Those Max, Pd Patches in Order with Git

Patches serve as the glue for performing with open controllers like the monome. With proper version control, you can manage their evolution – and share your creative process more easily. Photo by me. If you’ve worked at all with patching your own creations for music, visuals, and control, this has probably happened to you: you’ve […]

- February 18, 2009

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