You’ve got to VJ this Halloween – here are your free video clips

The Halloween party: all bets are off. Pull out the wildest, spookiest horror and seasonal clips and go to town. Here are some free videos to get you going.

ArKaos Officially Enters Mapping Game With MediaMaster 3.0 [Mac, Windows]

If mapping wasn’t already a horse race, it is now. ArKaos adds significant mapping technology to version 3.0 of their high-end media server, MediaMaster Pro, out now and shown at the UK’s PLASA show this month. Now, of course, here at CDM, we’re eager to see the next phase of ArKaos’ mapping strategy, which involves […]

Peter Kirn - September 17, 2012

Miro 4 Media Tool Promises the Quality of Closed, Only It's Open; Could Be HTML5 Dream Utility

Miro 4, an open source video player, has long been promising at least on paper as a means of sharing and watching open video. But the delivery in early versions was shaky, suffering from stability issues in some cases and simply failing to provide a compelling use case in others – particularly with browsers and […]

Peter Kirn - May 23, 2011

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