These fanciful new apps weave virtual music worlds in VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality promise new horizons for music. But one studio is delivering apps you’ll actually want to use – including collaborations with artists like Matmos, Safety Scissors, Robert Lippok, Patrick Russell, Ami Yamasaki, and Patrick Higgins (of Zs).

Video Output on Android Devices: What's Available Now, What to Expect

Following updates to iOS, one of the key strengths Apple has right now is its rich support for video output. (See, for instance, our look at VGA output from the spring.) Video out is a standard, supported, public, documented option for developers, at least if you’re on the newest devices and OS. And that includes […]

Peter Kirn - July 22, 2010

HTC Touch Pro as a Portable Beat Sequencer, with Windows Mobile, AudioBox

It’s easy enough to dismiss mobile music devices as toys, and I’d add, there’s really nothing wrong with toys. But the test – a personal one – is whether or not you can develop your musical ideas with them. Some of the deepest, most consistently satisfying tools for mobile devices are the ones that shrink […]

- November 20, 2008

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