rr is a free Max for Live gizmo that lets you play Roar with MIDI notes

What’s great? Roar. What’s the best part of Roar? Feedback. What could make it even better? The ability to play it with MIDI notes. Perfect.

Ableton Live 12.1 is in public beta, and it’s a huge release for Live

Live 12.1 just hit public beta, bringing more than you might expect: major Push additions, new ways of working more quickly with keyboards (and screen readers), a new Drum Sampler and pitch tracking and correction device, and more. Oh, and they finally fixed (my) single most annoying omission in Live. Here’s what’s new in Live (I’ll cover Push separately).

Peter Kirn - July 2, 2024

Robert Henke’s Granulator III update for Live 12 expands modulation powers

Granulator III, by Ableton co-founder Robert Henke, has received a small but meaningful update. It now allows audio-rate modulation (as in Granulator II) and new modulation possibilities.

Peter Kirn - May 22, 2024

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