Ghetto-Fabulous Digital Vinyl: Make a Mouse Into a Turntable

Scratching with a mouse just doesn’t feel right. One solution, as in FinalScratch and other products, is to print timecode onto the vinyl. But then there’s the direct approach: strap that mouse right onto your turntable and hit the club! That’s just what the DIY-oriented community of users of terminatorX have done. terminatorX is a […]

NAMM: Korg’s Joystick-Mouse Keyboard for Computer Musicians

Boring USB keyboards for connecting to computers: no matter how many manufacturers make nearly-identical models, more appear. Korg has a mostly-nondescript line of new USB keyboards that would fit that description, but with a twist. They’ve included an unusual, tiny joystick that fills in for your mouse when using a computer. I tried to get […]

Peter Kirn - January 20, 2006

GyroMice for Music: A (Nintendo) Revolution on Your Mac/PC?

Pointing and hand gestures: they’re powerful means of interracting, and make sense for music. The only problem is having to be tied to a desk in a performance, as with a mouse. Nintendo’s upcoming controller shows promise for what interractions could be like in the not-too-distant future (if other tech companies follow their lead). But […]

Peter Kirn - September 16, 2005

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