Ableton releases free Microtuner – but tuning is more than spaces between notes

Ableton has released another free Max for Live device. It’s cool, it can be useful, it’s free (if you have Live Suite or a Max for Live license). But it’s worth pausing to consider whether tuning solutions could be more.

Loops for Real Drummers: Musicianship, Technology Don’t Have to Compete

Loops have gotten an unfortunate reputation as being a stand-in for real musicians or real musicianship – perhaps because, too often, they are. That’s why it’s always refreshing to see a discussion of how looping can incorporate musical technique. Like many electronic musicians, I have zero background in drumming; I’m a keyboardist and was trained […]

- February 24, 2009 Like GarageBand’s Artist Videos, But First, and No Software Needed

Here’s a novel concept: Provide video tutorials that teach you how to play an instrument and walk you specifically through the technique of a song Make them available as downloads Charge US$4.99 each Get the artists (and producers) involved in the original song Let people hear the original track Break down the song piece by […]

- January 6, 2009

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