Here’s How Clever Hacks Turned Sushi Into a Music Sequencer, with Just Blaze and Tokimonsta

If you’ve ever ordered sushi from one of those rotating belts, you’ll love this musical hack that takes it to an entirely new place. For Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) Tokyo, Native Instruments engineers teamed up with Just Blaze and Tokimonsta to turn a sushi restaurant into a live electronic remix instrument. And these aren’t […]

Kinect Video Scratching, and Why One Live Artist Uses Kinect for Control

Adding to the list of homebrewed Kinect wonders, artist Mauritius Seeger writes to share his live video scratching rig, built with Kinect. It’s the first experiment, but already shows some great promise: hey guys, i just wanted to let you know about a kinect prototype/hack i’ve made to explore video scratching via hand movements. just […]

Peter Kirn - January 24, 2011

Kinect with MIDI, with Microsoft’s 3D Camera

Ben X Tan writes to let us know he’s working with hacks for Microsoft’s Kinect 3D camera system for Xbox to perform MIDI control. Result: depth-sensing, gestural musical manipulations! It’s just a prototype, but since today I cover the larger landscape of what’s happening with Kinect, it’s well worth teasing. From the description: Coded in […]

- November 19, 2010

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