Be a Music Geek Ninja with Electronic Music Programming in Pd: New Book

Okay, it looks a little scary, but just think of that as an added way of convincing your friends you’re a total badass. You may have heard about Pure Data (Pd), the open-source cousin to Max/MSP and a powerful tool for visual programming or “patching” music and multimedia. Pd has even appeared in the iPhone […]

Control Music Software with a Bluetooth Cell Phone / PDA (Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro)

You’ve already started performing with Ableton Live using your Sony PSP. Now you want still more ways to control Live via your portable devices. Hmmm, garage door opener — no good. Pocket laser pointer — can only really point at the screen with that. I know: how about your cell phone? LiveController | Jason R. […]

Peter Kirn - October 10, 2006

Palm/Treo Music: BeatPad Pattern Sequencer Exports to PC; New Pro Music Suite

A powerful music workstation in a handheld? Regular readers know that subway/airplane-friendly portable music creation is a reality, and here’s another tool for you. miniMusic helped launch the handheld music creation craze, and their Palm/Treo software just got a big update. BeatPad 1.1 is an update to miniMusic’s pattern sequencer. The “point-one” is actually a […]

Peter Kirn - November 7, 2005

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