Spatial sound, Suzanne Ciani, a free workshop online, and the joy of quad, with KamranV

With the likes of Apple pushing the concept, spatial audio is fresh again. KamranV connects past, present, and future and talks to us about how we can get quadraphonic when we work, in advance of a free workshop online this Friday.

Korg’s Kaoss Pad Quad is a Touchable Multi-Effects Box for Under $350

In what is proving to be a NAMM week bonanza for lovers of hardware effects, Korg’s Kaoss Pad Quad may be the best bang-for-the-buck. You can control up to four effects simultaneously, all via the trademark KAOSS-style touchpad, triggering effects you want via single-button toggles. (In fact, this device reminds me in a good way […]

- January 17, 2011

Zoom H2 Mobile Recorder Collaborative Review, Resources on O’Reilly

Our friend David Battino writes from O’Reilly Digital Media site to share the massive reader response they got to the Zoom H2 recorder. (The H2 is a smaller version of the H4, which made a guest appearance of sorts on Morning Edition this week.) Mark Nelson didn’t manage to make this his fifth portable flash […]

Peter Kirn - September 14, 2007

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