Watch the fusion of analog and digital in monome teletype videos

Teletype Studies Part 1 from tehn on Vimeo. We have inherited from the last century a whole language built from the archaic details of office machines. And we use all of these for music. We patch together telephone cords between modules, via the tactile interface once used to connect calls. We type on keyboards and […]

Bome Midi Translator Pro, for MIDI-to-Keystroke Goodness, in Beta on Mac

Mac switchers from Windows, you know why this one matters. Bome MIDI Translator is one of Windows’ most essential utilities, with powerful tools for converting MIDI messages and keystrokes. I know folks (like the awesomely-talented beatboxer Kid Beyond) who sorely missed the tool after switching to the Mac. Happily, it’s on its way. The beta […]

Peter Kirn - June 2, 2008

Chirp Lets Your QWERTY Do MIDI Input Right – Even in Coach Class

Program that synth patch you were dreaming of, here at 35,000 feet — without annoying your seatmates by pulling out a MIDI keyboard. Oh, yeah, and this is not United; it’s Virgin America with power everywhere. Photo: crucially. I know what you’re thinking. Plenty of music applications already have QWERTY input so you can play […]

Peter Kirn - April 2, 2008

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