Behringer’s so-called “website glitch” … do we believe them?

The day after Behringer posted a lineup of remakes of classic analog synth and drum machines, the company is calling it an error – and making no promises.

Music Developer on Windows 8: A Leap Forward for Desktops; A Leap Backward for Metro, WinRT?

Steven Sinofsky showing Windows 8 last year. Photo (CC-BY) BUILDWindows. There’s good news and bad news on Windows 8 for music making. If you’re using Windows on a conventional, Intel PC, running conventional, desktop Windows apps, the news is really all good – really good. It’s still early days, but Windows 8 promises to be […]

Peter Kirn - June 27, 2012

Ethics, Business, Compensation, Music: In 98 Words, The Elephant in the Room

The biggest catastrophic event in artists earning a living is not the Internet, and it’s not piracy. It was the advent of recording. Some people got rich. Other working musicians wound up out of a job. If you pay attention to that history, it puts recent changes in a different context and on a different […]

Peter Kirn - June 20, 2012

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