More Free Synthesis Goodness: QuteCsound Screencast, Csound with Processing

For all the wonderful tools and toys for sound out there, sometimes you want to find the couple of tools that, like a great kitchen knife, can accomplish the majority of what you actually need. (And as with the kitchen knife, while it may not eliminate your desire for all those other gadgets, it’s worth […]

AudioMulch Update, Asymmetrical Time Sigs, Artists, Tutorials, and Resources

AudioMulch 2.1: Time signature support from AudioMulch on Vimeo. Does music production need more software with more features? Probably not. Could it use a little spice in its rhythms and time signatures? Absolutely! So, while I already have great respect for the idiosyncratic, underground-favorite AudioMulch, the addition of custom time signatures in the video above […]

- August 6, 2010

Step Sequencers in Live: How-to, Free Rack Download

The Covert Seq – Creating patterns and Presets from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo. The Covert Operators and Bjorn Vayner have become my favorite go-to source for wild Ableton Live hacks. And even before the release of Max for Live, Bjorn has built some terrific, simple step-sequencers using Live’s Racks feature. That’s just the Racks feature […]

Peter Kirn - October 19, 2009

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