Stable Diffusion, the slick generative AI tool, just launched and went live on GitHub

You’ve almost certainly already seen a torrent of high-quality text-to-image generation pics lately. Now one of the most impressive generative tools has published code and opened up to academic researchers. It’s called Stable Diffusion – and you’ll probably be hearing a lot more soon.

NVIDIA’s SIGGRAPH brag: more real-time realism and lighting, more AI, more Omniverse

Good news for artists from NVIDIA this week – think more efficient photorealistic renders in realtime, and more Omniverse support, including for the free and open source Blender.

Peter Kirn - August 10, 2021

From a Single 2D Photo, 3D Objects Created Easily

A research presentation from SIGGRAPH has been spreading quickly online, demonstrating just how seamlessly we might soon transform two-dimensional photography into three-dimensional objects. Perhaps what makes the “3-Sweep” technique so impressive is that it doesn’t represent some sort of computational breakthrough, or algorithmic trickery. It’s simply good, inventive design. And it allows human and machine […]

Peter Kirn - September 12, 2013

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