Delia Derbyshire, in Radio Interviews and on T-Shirts

Delia Derbyshire, UK electronic composer extraordinaire and BBC Radiophonic Veteran, inspires depths of love and respect from us electronic muzos male and female that defy description. As Tara Busch from AnalogSuicide puts it, people aren’t just fans: they’re Delians. I think if you could see the image inside the heads of Delia fans at the […]

Richie Hawtin Now Uses Traktor; Does That Make it Ubercoolische?

Minimal techno pioneer, digital vinyl advocate, DJ superstar, and subject of a surrealist Internet parody and very popular joke t-shirt line Richie Hawtin is now evidently using Traktor and Traktor Scratch. So is Magda (of “make the tea” fame). So is Troy Pierce. Gentle hint to NI’s DJ marketing: embrace it. Give us a special […]

Peter Kirn - March 27, 2008

Lovely Native Instruments T-Shirts

Go Native. So, a Reaktor tattoo seems a little painful and permanent? Just in time, Native Instruments this week has a line of new t-shirts, and they actually look really great, which is good — branded swag is usually way lame. Native Wear (not as racy as it sounds) [Native Instruments] The designer is MIG75, […]

Peter Kirn - June 28, 2007

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