flight404’s Magnetosphere the New Visualizer in iTunes 8?

Nova (audio by Helios) from flight404 on Vimeo. The rumor mill’s conventional wisdom is that iTunes 8 will be part of Apple’s music-themed press event next week. That’s a safe bet — iTunes 7 is clearly due for an update. But Allan White has some interesting speculation with which I’m inclined to agree. There’s an […]

Gorgeous and Out-there New Art and Music, Inspired by Radiohead

Weird Fishes: Arpeggi from flight404 on Vimeo. Plenty of bands have jumped on the "remix generation" bandwagon, releasing music to be remixed and sampled and visualized as a publicity stunt. But, then, plenty of bands aren’t Radiohead. Readers here may have been disappointed that our favorite superband didn’t embrace Creative Commons sharing when announcing their […]

Peter Kirn - April 30, 2008

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