Magical, 3D-Warping Techniques Steadies Your Videos

Technology still has the power to appear like magic. And one place we may desperately need magic: straightening out our horribly shaky, handheld video shots. Software makers like Apple have already offered up some techniques for doing this – in the case of Apple’s Final Cut Studio, optical flow analysis attempts to track the image […]

Free Audio Warping: Max Patcher Strikes Back with No-Fee elastic~ Alternative

Well, this is the first time I can remember this happening. Tuesday, I covered a GBP20 Max object for independent tempo and pitch modification in Max 5: elastic~: Pitch, Speed Control Module for Your Max 5 Patch I wasn’t personally so blown away by it, but it looked interesting, and it uses algorithms used in […]

- October 30, 2008

elastic~: Pitch, Speed Control Module for Your Max 5 Patch

If you’re looking for pitch- and speed-independent warping and other sonic effects, and Max 5 is your modular patching tool of choice, a new tool is now available to add to your arsenal. elastic~ is an object similar that allows high-quality audio warping. The developer claims it uses the “same algorhythm as software giants Cubase, […]

- October 28, 2008

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