Walter Müller, Inventor of Futuristic Harmonica, Dies, But Millioniser Lives On

The man who gave harmonicas a boldly futuristic vision is lost to us. We’ve learned that Walter Müller, inventor of the MIDI wind controller Millioniser, died this month. Rock Erickson of Millioniser writes with the news, and updates us on plans to carry on with the Millioniser as well as to honor Müller’s memory. (See […]

Hands On Eigenharp: Exploring an Innovative New Digital Instrument : Eigenharp Alpha Unboxing from Geert Bevin on Vimeo. Eigenharp Alpha Experiment 20100624 from Geert Bevin on Vimeo. A genuinely new instrument isn’t something you can expect to simply pick up and judge. Part of what makes music so addictive, so satisfying, is the amount of time and energy we put in. One would […]

- June 25, 2010

One Man Band Watch: Gestures, TouchOSC, Pure Data, Breath Control, Oh, My

Every so often, I’m reminded of a simple fact: the greatest machine on the planet remains the human machine. So, yes, it may seem strange to one of the uninitiated to imagine strapping an iPhone to your wrist. And yes, musicianship in the digital age is partly about triggering, not just playing (though Onyx can […]

Peter Kirn - March 11, 2010

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