You know the sound. Bah bah bahb bh bh bhbhbbbbdddd… And you’ve heard in … some track. Somewhere. Okay, you know, words really aren’t the greatest thing for describing particular audio effects. So just listen:

The “bouncing ball” delay is just one of the sounds available in Dispersion, a new thirty-dollar audio effect plug-in for the Mac. You get organic sounding delays that are all synced together to match a groove. That gives you tight choruses and stereo widening, nice crunchy-grainy delays, and other shuffles and diffusion and, you know, delay sounds. It’s an especially nice combination of very useful delays, in a compact package.

Because this is Sinevibes, you can also assume a Mac-centric design sensibility and brightly-colored, simple, visual interface and animations – whether you have a lower-res display or nice new Retina screen.

But don’t let that simplicity fool you. You can program up to 16 delay lines, all with this special “time spread” formula, plus damping at the low and high end, variable feedback (gradual or stepped), and modulation.

Good stuff. My go-to delay these days has become Replika XT from Native Instruments, just because it has just about every delay mode I can imagine – but this has its own unique sound and might break me out of Replika a bit! Congrats to Artemiy Pavlov for another instant classic. Check it out:


  • Really nice effect!

  • Dopamine Addict

    man, I just love Sinevibes..

    • Travis Basso

      Same here…

  • A bit like GRM tools delay but without the XY parameter controls. Anybody know if that is still available? I’ve got an old license but no installers. They were pretty amazing (GRM tools) considering I got mine about 15 years ago.

    • By the way, the effect they got was a bit overused and overdone most of the time, best used very subtley

    • Martin Stimming

      I thought the same. and yes – they are still there, even with more and (better) plugins. simply search for ina grm – the site is only on french but working.

      • I guess i’ll have to take a look. Probably have to buy a new license by now I guess. The old version I had only worked with Expansion VST–AU converter so when that stopped working (power PC) I couldn’t use them anymore.

  • heinrich zwahlen

    Reminds me of GRM tools.

  • Travis Basso

    I love Sinevibes and Artemiy – some of the best customer service and “eccentric” plugin designs. Or, at least not just “run of the mill” take on effects.

    I was so excited when I saw Dispersion released I immediately bought it and had a chance to use it in the studio the next day. We were recording the vocals for a few hip hop tracks, and just to test it out I threw Dispersion on a bus send instead of a reverb. I used the Dark Room preset (tweaked to taste), some EQ after to cut lows, and only sent the takes for the hook. Dispersion sounds like a real dynamic space (dare I say organic? okay, just natural) and is capable of creating convincing reverb. Best of all the client LOVED the effect. He comes out of the booth saying the hook sounds underwater.

    Happy client. Great sounding plugin. Unbeatable price!

    • Artemiy Pavlov

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Travis! 🙂 So happy and inspiring to hear about your positive experience with Dispersion.

    • Artemiy Pavlov

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Travis! 🙂 So happy and inspiring to hear about your positive experience with Dispersion.