Sometimes big sounds come in small packages. And so to get MeeBlips to everyone, we have a new, everyday low price of US$119.95.

Now, you can get the latest MeeBlip triode for a preorder price of US$119.95, plus shipping/tax/duty where applicable. It’s our award-winning, unique-sounding synth with an analog filter – and we’d bet you can’t get anything like it for this price.

(Ships direct from our Calgary, Canada workshop.)

MeeBlip’s small size, easy controls (via MIDI or your hands), and grimy-good bass sounds mean it’s built to be added to other rigs. We’ve seen it making live bass lines, augmenting a KORG minilogue, doubling a 303. Pairs well with others, that is.

Here’s the incomparable Lisa (Noncompliant) trying it with Elektron’s Digitakt for the first time:

And here it is doubling Roland’s TB-03 and TR-09:

So get yours now.

We ship to most locations worldwide. That’s what allows us to offer pricing like this – shipping directly from where we make and test the synths to you. Shipping and taxes / import duty may apply.

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MeeBlip at GitHub (code and hardware)

  • /me screams internally.

    • Ha, why? 🙂

      • The awesome deals always happen when I am low on cash. Ah, well.. I’ll get a sick little tabletop bass synth one oh these days. 🙂

  • Valued Customer

    Nice color and good pricing, but I think I’m gonna go for a Prophet 10 instead – they sound better, are more flexible, have a lot more hands-on control and polyphony. If only _they_ were $99.95. Totally fair comparison, no? 😉

  • damn you made me buy one

  • chaircrusher

    YOINK — to go alongside my Meeblip SE & Meeblip Anode. BTW It took my order @99.95 even tho it’s thursday 😉

  • DrüMünkey

    Aaaaaannnd there goes the used ‘Blip values lower than a a subosc! 🙂