Further proof the world is going digital: there are now even awards
for digital entertainment. Here are the winners and losers for digital
audio — but where are the tools for digital music CREATION?

The winners include Steve Jobs of Apple/Pixar, XM Satellite Radio
(sorry, Sirius), the Apple brand, Real Networks' Harmony music store
(sorry, iTunes), Napster, Prince, and the Rolling Stones. It's nice to
see the Los Angeles public radio station KCRW in the nominees among
much bigger names, and nods to BitTorrent and the Creative Commons CD
released with Wired Magazine. That said, many nominees are likely to
draw yawns, especially the nomination of every online music store.
Where are the music listening products? What about real music community
sites and music blogs? What about musical instruments and music
creation software?

Digital music is earning new props, but there is still widespread disagreement about what it IS.

Excuse me, I'm going back to listening to my KCRW radio stream.