MegaSeg 3, the OS X-only DJ package announced last month, was released
today. The developer says there are more than 100 improvements, but
here are some big ones:

  • Redesigned hardware-style Dual-Deck Mixer
  • Direct open/save to iTunes (with full support for AAC songs purchased from the iTunes music store!)
  • Library and playlist printing, HTML logging, playlist sorting
  • Better sound quality: smooth pitch returns, treble and bass controls
  • New UI with 2-button mouse support, multi-select editing

I'll still go with Native Instruments Traktor for vinyl-style DJing
with insanely detailed controls ('s Jason O'Grady likens
the Traktor interface to a 747 airplane cockpit), but MegaSeg is a
different animal: it's easy-to-use and has uniquely powerful features
for day-in, day-out DJing. You're likely to replace your vinyl coffins
with Traktor, but you'll replace your dual-CD deck or sad iTunes/iPod
rig with MegaSeg: it's real "playlist management" software. I've used MegaSeg 2 and look forward to reviewing
MegaSeg 3.

Compatibility: Mac OS X (G3/500 sufficient!)
Price: $199 new, $69 upgrade ($59 this month only)