Last week, two MP3 players were pronounced dead: Panic retired Audion, its groundbreaking audio app, adding to Mac lore in the process, while the Nullsoft developers left AOL,
leaving Winamp with only maintenance updates in its future. It's ironic
the news would come in the same week: Winamp launched the MP3
revolution and even Audion itself, while Audion helped pave the way for
iTunes. There's still some reason to add each free tool to your
arsenal: Audion can conveniently record radio streams and play OGG
files, for instance, unlike iTunes. PC users might also consider the
free but powerful Quintessential Player.

The real question is, will iTunes and Windows Media Player some day be
just as outdated? And what will happen to all the DRM-equipped audio
we've bought then? Hit comment and sound off.