Our free studio creation continues, with a terrific subtractive synth for Mac OS X. Generator
had humble beginnings as the buggy and limited Buzzer, but the baby
grew up. The latest release adds antialiased oscillators, a new filter
and modulation engine, and an elegant new GUI. In fact, one advantage
of this freeware in the age of increasingly-complex commercial synths
is it's actually easy to look at it and tell what it does! (Add Generator to cross-platform freeware Crystal and you have a decent little synth studio!)

Nor do you sacrifice much to go with freeware: extras like a
waveshaper, delay and modulators with tempo sync, and 2 envelope
generators for filter and amp come standard.

If this is 0.1, I can't wait for 1.0. Go download it.

Compatibility: OS X Audio Unit