When is a 2.6 release more like 3?

When it comes from Native Instruments. Get a load of what's new in Traktor DJ Studio 2.6:

  • Final Scratch 2 compatibility: Take advantage of Stanton's latest vinyl interface, complete with FireWire audio, HD sound, new hardware features — oh, just check out that, too.
  • Broadcast live on the Internet via Icecast
  • Live input, live recording, mix recording: But here's the
    cool bit: record as you input and drag right into the mix, for instant
    sampling. (Announcements? Come on, you canhave more fun than that!)
  • AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC compatibility: OGG — now that's nifty. Go DRM-free! (iTunes DRM songs still don't work, sadly.)

Plus playlist history, browser favorites. Free download for current users, available now.