Jeremy from Nashville points out that Apple's Logic Express is now available in a free trial, which I believe is new. (Pro isn't available in trial as it requires hardware copy protection.)

So, if you're tired of having to listen to message board arguments
about whether Logic is the app to get, give it a shot and see for
yourself. (And while you're at it, check out the demo of Ableton Live,
which is save/render disabled but otherwise an unlimited demo.) One
thing I feel strongly even as a reviewer is that you can't ever really
predict all users' tastes. Sure, I love my Logic Pro / Ableton Live
setup here, but no one tool is for everyone.

By the way, Apple does have an Express versus Pro
comparison. Express offers more than a lot of people think, though here
are the features I think might be a deal-breaker between them, only in

  • Space Designer convolution reverb
  • Bizarre timbral powers of RingShifter
  • Gorgeous Sculpture physical modeling synth (you'll want a high-end G4/G5, though)
  • Ultrabeat drum machine
  • EXS 24 mkII sampler
  • Guitar Amp Pro amp simulator

That said, Express features things like the new EFM1 synth, GarageBand
compatibility, and a rich collection of effects, so if you don't have
the US$1000 for Logic (US$500 educational), Express still has plenty to
keep you busy!

Oh, yeah, and as a certain colleague of mine has observed, the EFM1 interface does look a little, er, R-rated.