Mac OS X Tiger: Audio Improvements from Apple

As a cross-platform Windows and Mac user (I really have to be as a writer), I can tell you I really miss Mac OS X's brilliant Core Audio when I'm on Windows. And looking at Apple's updated Core Audio page for Mac OS X Tiger, Core Audio is only getting better: Core Audio file format […]

Mocean: Water as Musical Instrument

Mocean is an interactive installation that uses a tank of water as an interface for sound. Dip your hands in the tank, and the installation whistles and hums. The water doesn't create the sound directly; instead, an array of antique organ pipes resonate above the tank, triggered by a video camera that analyzes pictures of […]

Peter Kirn - April 13, 2005

MIT Students Build USB Dance Floor in Dorm

As seen on Slashdot: a group of students at MIT have constructed a Disco Dance Floor, with over 1,500 LEDs and covering 128 square feet. Dance on it, and pressure sensors trigger some 4,000 colors. Jeez, I knew I shouldn't have gone to Sarah Lawrence; these MIT folks don't mess around. Not only are the […]

Peter Kirn - April 13, 2005

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