Digidesign has acquired virtual instrument / soundware / effects maker Wizoo. [via] No big deal, right, since Digidesign’s M-Audio unit already distributes Wizoo products? Think again — Digidesign claims this is a very big deal: think Digi-branded, new products. From the press release:

“We plan to deliver powerful integrated synthesis and sampling instruments that provide the highest levels of quality and reliability for music creation, post production and sound design. In addition to the great products Wizoo currently offers, we look forward to delivering new products for the Pro Tools platform that will be equally as ground-breaking as Turbosynth and SampleCell were earlier in our history. The addition of the Wizoo R&D team’s expertise will allow us to continue to drive innovation, creativity and unique capabilities on the Pro Tools platform.” -Dave Lebolt, Avid VP/GM of Digidesign

Furthermore, the Wizoo website headlines with “Digidesign Acquires Wizoo to Advance Music Creation Tools & Sound Design for Post.”

Note the words, for the Pro Tools platform. So it looks like Digidesign’s thinking was to make Pro Tools-exclusive products — just as its purchase of M-Audio had the benefit of making Pro Tools for M-Audio audio hardware. Now the question is, what products? Digi says they like the intelligent instruments Wizoo has done (think Virtual Guitarist), but innovating in the soft synth world in this day and age is no small challenge. Further, Wizoo’s recent Drum & Bass Rig and Key Rig for M-Audio were decidedly lackluster. Stay tuned.