Real-time audio and MIDI collaboration, Mac and PC, video chat, exchanging big files, Web space — we all know what the wish list of features would look like for online musical collaboration. Back in April, promised these features, with a public launch planned for August. Unfortunately, that beta was massively crowded, so many of you who tried to get on may have been thwarted.

Well, guess what? It’s August, and has delivered on schedule. Standard accounts are free, with support for online studio sessions without charge. Steinberg, Native Instruments, and Ableton are partners, too — good sign. (VST 2.0 plugin only, so I’m curious to see if that works with my fxpansion wrapper on Logic Pro, though it’ll certainly work with my Live setup on Mac/Windows.) Nothing to wait for now — go get those free accounts, and tell us how it goes! Thanks, Marsha! [official site + details]