Seclusiasis Studios is hosting a laptop battle tomorrow evening (Wed. 11/30); I can’t go but drop me a line if you’re involved or happen to make it and do take photos. They’ve got some serious judges involved: recording faculty from Temple University, electronic musician Charles Cohen, and the music promotions director for Urban Outfitters. Some of our favorite sponsors, too: Ableton, Grooves, Novation, Focusrite, etc. $7 gets you in.

Competitors: Accidentally Andrew, Arkive, Denim Venom, Illoin, Infra Tester,
Jason Carr, Lalilulelo, Rod Sledge, Sars, Skymall.

Sounds like great fun, even if I’m a bit dubious of encouraging laptop musicians to leave their controllers at home. (CDM’s mission is just the opposite: we want more keyboards and air guitars and webcams and game pads and the like.) Of course, if I get served, I’m going to bring it. Or something.

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