Preset libraries are rarely designed with the avid sound designer in mind. Usually what you get is overdesigned patches that don’t really work for your music. Andrew Souter sends an interesting collection today, however: a $15 library for Native Instruments’ Absynth synth with 1,000 wavetables (single-cycle waveforms, the building blocks of lots of classic digital and analog sounds). That sounds more my speed, and it should be just the thing to pair with Native’s incredibly-powerful synth. The categories sound useful, too: “Additive, AM, Classic, FM, Formants, LoFi, Serial, and UHF.” This library is a translation of an impressive MetaSynth library; with support for Mac and Windows Absynth 2 and 3, this release should reach a bigger audience. (And much as I love MetaSynth, it’ll be even better to have something you can play live.) I’m going to try this thing out and start brushing off my Absynth chops — expect a report later this summer.

Galbanum Architecture Waveforms for NI Absynth