No, really. VJing is half motion graphics, half performance and half tech-nerding. Sadly, most of the best motion graphics is going on in TV advertisments, and as I try to avoid watching ads on TV at all costs, I end up collecting the good ones online.

When I work with an artist I like to create visuals which relate to them and what they do. Even just dropping some effected DV footage or a couple of simple stop-motion clips of them into your set will make it feel more integrated with whatever else is going on. I have a shoot soon with a local 2 piece for some upcoming gigs, and one of my shoot ideas involves motion tracking, inspired by Motion Theory’s “Pharrell” spot for HP.


This type of motion tracking doesn’t need to be particularly difficult to look effective, especially if you’re using a regular object such as the effective-but-played-out picture frame (overused in the below clip Bernard Fanning – Wish You Well). However, I can’t seem to find any tutorials for this online. So if there’s any interest I’ll put together a tutorial while I work on production for this shoot.

via Accent Feed