Homebrewers continue to dream up new ways of making music with mobile game systems. Sometimes the results are useful as actual tools, and sometimes they’re more of a fascinating novelty. In the latter category is the truly unusual Soundcells, a virtual “ukelele” inspired by the grid-based music interface of Toshio Iwai’s Tenori-On. The interface looks like a fretboard but acts as a grid. The results sound about as much like a ukelele as a car alarm sounds like a trombone concerto, but it’s nothing if not unique, and it looks like fun to play:

(See the video after the jump for what starts to sound like an 8-bit bagpipe, if you can imagine that.)

Patryk (developer) hosted site
Via Soundcells for DS [onetonnemusic], analysis by CDM’s resident graphic designer Nat, and originally on the brilliant Nintendo-loving site 4 color rebellion