I must make a correction and clarification in regards to OSCulator, the Mac utility for connecting to Nintendo’s Wii remote, which I mentioned in today’s Deckadance story. Despite the name, it supports the broadly-available MIDI as well as (for programs like Max/MSP, Pd, Flash, Director, Traktor, Reaktor, Processing, and others) OpenSoundControl. Simon Balarbe writes us:

It does not just support Osc but It outputs Midi and keystrokes also … Recently I used it with Ableton Live in a live Electro Acoustic Performance at University. I find it more stable than WiitoMidi and it had MIDI output and use of the accelerometer before WiitoMidi.

Fair enough! So there you have it: grab a Mac with Bluetooth support, a Wii remote, and OSCulator, and you ought to be able to communicate with any software you like — even if you can’t do MIDI, you can do keystrokes.

Most of my time I’ve been using the aka.wiiremote external for Max/MSP, just because that’s convenient if you’re a Max user. But for all other Mac users, OSCulator indeed looks like the most versatile choice.

OSCulator Wiki/Project Page [Mac software]