We have a love/hate relationship with Behringer. Some of their products are crap, some are blatant rip-offs of other gear — some are both. But they make some very nice control surface units that lack a direct alternative, particularly at a low price. Prepend “poor man’s” on the beginning, put in some controller elbow grease, and you’ve got a potentially great controller — if you can set it up right. From n0d3.org, we get just the help we need, chock full of tips and guidance:

How To: Setting up the Behringer BCF2000 for Logic Express 7.2


The Behringer BCF2000 is not a Logic Control. You have to jump through some hoops to make it work, it won’t emulate all the features. But it will get you a good way there at way below the price. The documentation of the Behringer BCF2000 is crap. But if you follow the above How-To then you will at least get set up and going.

Check out the tutorial and see how it works for you.