Thomas Dolby Interviewed on CDMusic; Johnny DeKam, Visualist

Visualist Johnny DeKam’s M-Audio-powered rig for the Thomas Dolby tour. Thomas Dolby, on Music Making Past and Future: The CDM Interview Thomas Dolby Extras: Live Performance Technical Details, Logic + Max/MSP Thomas Dolby’s recent tour was important for more than just the music, though — onboard was legendary visualist/VJ Johnny DeKam, also known as a […]

The Day the Music Died, Otherwise Known As The Dawning Era of Negotiations

Several readers have observed this quite eloquently, but let’s summarize: laws around music are complicated, messy, and confusing. If they don’t seem that way to you, you’re either a lawyer or you haven’t done your homework. That said, without question, proposed changes to streaming music licensing fees would be devastating to Internet radio, because not […]

Peter Kirn - July 13, 2007

Loop Phasing: Steve Reich vs. Star Trek’s Worf vs. Orbital

For those not in the know, Steve Reich is one of the major so-called “minimalist” composers of the 20th Century; some of his early works of the 1960s focused on compositions made from tape loops falling out of sync or “out of phase” with one another. This includes the seminal works “It’s Gonna Rain” and […]

Peter Kirn - July 13, 2007

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