Pikilipita Advanced

GBA eye candy? You betcha. Pikilipita Advanced running on the GBA in screen caps … hook up a Game Cube with Game Boy Player and you’re ready to go.

Pikilipita is a wonder: the developer has created a VJ app that runs on Windows XP and GP2X (Pikix), and even Game Boy Advance cartridges (Pikilipita Advanced). The apps have been getting feature enhancements and other good news lately. Let’s start out with the GBA stuff — which you can now get pre-loaded on a real GBA cart for use on your Game Boy or GameCube with player:

I’ll do my best to release Pikilipita Advance on real cartridges before summer 2007 if at least 100 people are interested in this product.

Its price shouldn’t be higher than £25, 35€ or US$ 50. If you think you’ll buy one, please get in touch with me using the contact form below.

Update: cartridges should be ready at the end of June!

(If you want to order the carts … presuming there’s still time/availability … check out contact info on the site.)


Mobile, game-ready Linux as visualist tool: Pikix running on the open game portable from Game Park.

Pikix, the software for XP (yawn) and GP2X Linux-based game console (yay!), has also been getting new features, each dubbed with zany names that put Ubuntu to shame: Fat Dolphin, Delicious Marmot, and most recently, Cheesy Caribou, which adds features like this:

  1. New version of the Kouky2x codec: better compression rate: files are 20% to 50% smaller than with previous codec version
  2. USB keyboard compatibility (via cradle)
  3. Special effects: extreme contras, negative colors, zoom, hue colorization
  4. Video in and out points

Nothing earthshaking for your fancy-schmancy computer-based VJ app, it’s true … but can you fit your VJ rig into a space this small?

GP setup

Pikilipita VJ Software