Pioneer Introduces Thrillingly Expensive Audio-Video Mixer: SVM-1000

Pioneer have broken new ground in overstatement with the announcement of their upcoming Video/Audio mixer, the US$6000 SVM-1000. World’s first mixer for 4-channel audio and video. I guess they completely missed the AVM02 then? I’m not sure how, it’s rather big and heavy. Does anybody actually believe marketing people? Do they even believe themselves when […]

Someday Web Video Series May Work; Until Then, Repeats of The Spot

Ever miss 1995? In 1995, this passed for online entertainment: static web pages, some 20-somethings hanging out in casual- and swim-wear, and the ability to talk back to the “cast.” Welcome to the Spot. We’re a bunch of friends sharing a beach house in Santa Monica, California. Everyday we put up this website and tell […]

Peter Kirn - October 28, 2007

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